On Rural Literary Nostalgia – Dominic Head

I’d like to suggest some reasons why understanding the function of nostalgia in fiction has a bearing on our perception of the rural environment, and also on our consciousness of how looking backwards can also be a useful way of looking forwards.

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Pen and Plough Writing Workshops Exhibition

Nature writing has discovered a new level of popularity. Fresh and varied voices have allowed readers to connect with the natural world, and the countryside has been reimagined as a place of restoration, recreation and ecological intrigue. It’s an exciting time for the genre, but in the midst of this surge, it’s clear that some voices remain oddly quiet.

An Interview with Patrick Laurie

In fifteen years’ time, there won’t be any breeding curlews here. Many of the meadows and moors that I love will soon be ploughed and planted to create thousands of hectares of lucrative timber on behalf of distant investors who will never even come here. That’s desperately painful. In writing Native, I made a big attempt to understand that pain and extract something valuable from it.

Hill Farming, Knowledge and Power

'There are whole swathes of truth about animals, landscape, nature and heritage about which farmers are in fact the experts. Collectively, they represent a national repository of knowledge without which we would be poorer as a country.'

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